Aug 14, 2019

The depiction of ideal masculinity

I saw this sculpture at a restaurant called Laughing Horse Lodge at Swan Lake in Montana. I took a picture of it and I thought this is a beautiful piece of art. One can see how art is capable of depicting the ideal male body in its best. It seems that masculinity has been commodified, selling not only an idea, but the quality, maybe more than the value of money. This sculpture is a perfect example besides its symbolic and allegorical meanings. 

But there is something else to it. There is someone who is crushed beneath the macho figure, that's look like a woman. It may simply indicate two males fighting over a female, but it is not in a protective way, she is rather a victim here. In this case, the sculpture does not only symbolize virile masculinity, but also shows threat and menace.

It is interesting how muscle has replaced other features of manliness. I often hear people saying things like "he goes to the gym, he looks good." On the other hand a kind and gentle man might be looked as weak due to not having muscles.

Anyway, I enjoyed the food at this restaurant as well as the ambiance though we were sitting outside. Maybe I should write another post about the restaurant and the food. 


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