Jan 11, 2011

Bugs In Your Food

How about having a few bugs in your food every so often? A few fly heads mixed up with your pasta or salad, or maybe those insects that eat in your flower gardens, how about adding to your dinner some cicadas that send out a deafening high-pitched shrill from your garden trees - that would also get rid of them and their shrill?

Well, perhaps, you may know that it is said that bugs are almost pure protein. There are many people in the world who are consuming bugs as part of their daily meal. It happened throughout history and happens today in many cultures. But there are also many cultures in the world in which eating insects are considered foul and disgusting.

Well, the use of this pretext is to demonstrate a gross experience I had today. Last night, my host family brought an Indian spicy food from a local Indian restaurant called “Tiffin”. We ate most of it and I quite liked the taste. Today, after an intense workout, I warmed up the leftover and started eating with big desire. After a few bites, I suddenly felt something unusual, something a bit hard and crunchy. Abruptly, I felt a strange and horrible taste in my tongue that has rarely happened in my lifetime. I immediately spat the food out in disgust and saw a huge blackish bug that still had its legs and its head. Arghhh, I’m spitting since then, almost running out of spit now. I lost my appetite and I’m trying to remember delicious food that I have eaten but it doesn’t help to regain my appetite.


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