Oct 30, 2006

Tired small shepherd in central Afghanistan


Oct 29, 2006

Afghan Leader Warns of Another 9/11

Okke Ornstein is an internationally acclaimed journalist working on assignment for NewsMax.com in Afghanistan. He reports from Kabul.

KABUL, Afghanistan -- One of Afghanistan's leading members of parliament, Mrs. Malalai Joya, warns that the current U.S. policy in Afghanistan is virtually certain to lead to another 9/11. Read this exclusive story here...

Oct 21, 2006

Exchanging Muslim Torsello with Christian Abdul Rahman is that possible??!!?

Abdul Rahman, Taliban needs you to come back to Afghanistan. Taliban needs you to bring gift from Vatican. Taliban possibly wants if you can bring some new verses for new interpreting how innocent people should be killed and how to target the infidels (?).

It is almost seven month since Abdul Rahman’s the most controversial case over the world. Yesterday, when I heard the kidnapping of Torsello Italian photographer I shocked, I didn’t believe that I am reading the news correctly.

Anyway, it is time for Vatican and Italian government how they are going to deal with this phenomenon. Gabriele Torsello was kidnapped by group of five gunman while he was moving by a bus towards the south from Helmand province. Helmand province was often occupied by Taliban and released by coalition forces and Afghan national army. The kidnapper request, they will free the Italian reporter only in exchange for Abdul Rahman, an Afghan citizen who converted himself to Christianity.

The kidnappers had send their message to an Italian health center and asked the exchange should be done until the end of Ramadan, only one day left from the ultimatum. This not clear the abductors are belong to Taliban or other Islamic extremist.

Gabriele Torsello converted himself to Islam; he may tought being as a muslim inside muslim extremist he wouldn’t face problems. So, what will happen really? Does Vatican exchange his new Christian with a new muslim believer or Vatican excuse of exchanging?

As a friend of mine has said, the abductors really made a motivation to exit and entering to Islam is prohibited. This can be a serious threat to those who want to divert from Islam.

A complete information about Abdul Rahman an Afghan citizen who converted himself to Christianity.
Gabriele Torsello's website an Italain citizen who joint to Islam recently and kidnapped a few days before in southern Afghanistan

Oct 3, 2006

Two U.S soldier killed and 3 injured

According to the news, Two US soldiers were killed and three more wounded following a clash with militants in the remote district of the eastern Kunar province Yesterday evening. One soldier of the Afghan National Army (ANA) was also killed in the clash.

The US military stationed at Bagram, announced the soldiers were operating as part of a combat patrol that made contact with enemy extremists. The unit engaged the insurgents with small arms and artillery fire.

Based on the news from U.S military station at Bagram, All the wounded US and Afghan soldiers were medically took to a US treatment facility in Asadabad, capital of Kunar, where their condition is stated to be stable.

Over 7,000 Afghan and US troops are operating in eastern Afghanistan as part of the Operation Mountain Fury. Kunar is the mountainous province situated in east of the country. The province is abutting Pakistan's Bajaur tribal agency, which was once considered the safe haven for al-Qaeda and fugitive Taliban leaders.